These rules have been established to ensure that our dog parks are safe, healthy, and happy places to play.

Adherence to these rules is a condition of your membership and use of the dog parks.


Entry into the dog park is at the risk of the dog owners or handlers. Dog owners or handlers are responsible and liable for any damage to property, persons, or other animals caused by their dog(s). If your dog injures another dog, you are required to assist in any way needed, and to provide your name and contact information to the owner of the injured dog and failure to do so will result in termination of membership


All dogs must remain on leash until they are inside the dog park. The official dog park tag must be displayed on the dog(s) at all times or the dog is not to enter the park. Choke, pinch, studded, and chain collars as well as gentle leaders must be removed upon entering the dog park but some kind of collar must remain on the dog, with LDRA, rabies, and license tags affixed. 


Dog owners or handlers shall not have more than three dogs in the dog park at one time. All dogs shall be accompanied and supervised by an adult owner or handler at all times. Dog owners or handlers shall remove their dog(s) at the first sign of aggressive behavior. 


The small dog area is limited to dogs weighing less than 30 pounds. If small dog owners are comfortable letting their small dog play in the main area then they may do so.


 All dogs must have current Rabies vaccination. Distemper, Parvo, and Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccinations are also strongly recommended, as is flea and heartworm preventative medication.


A Rabies tag and the official LDRA dog park permit tag must be worn and displayed by all dogs at all times.


All dogs must be licensed through the county/community in which they reside or if the county of residence doesn’t require one then a Metro Louisville Dog License is required. The license tag must be worn on the collar as required by the state.


Do not bring a dog into the dog park that you know to be ill with a viral infection, a bacterial infection, a parasitic infection (worms, fleas, ticks), or has any open wounds.


All owners or handlers must pick up any waste left by their dog(s) to ensure cleanliness and to avoid potential health risks. Failure to do so may result in loss of park privileges. Bags have been provided so please use them.


Children under the age of 10 are not allowed in the dog park. Children over the age of ten must be accompanied by an adult.


Food (both human and canine varieties) and glass containers are not allowed inside the dog park. Smoking is also prohibited within the dog park. Please place all litter into the provided trash receptacles. 


Dogs under four months of age are not permitted in the dog park. This is for their own safety, as puppies under four months old usually do not have fully developed immune systems and have not completed a full program of vaccinations.


Female dogs in heat may not enter the dog park.


Dogs, owners, and park users creating a disturbance or violating posted rules must immediately leave the dog park if requested by LDRA officials, law enforcement personnel, park personnel, or their designated agents. People refusing to do so will be considered trespassing and Police will be called to remove the trespasser. Persistent violation of any dog park rules can result in revocation of park privileges. 


All changes to your LDRA membership, such as adding an additional dog, replacing a lost key fob or membership tag, etc. must be handled by emailing LDRA for authorization, then proceeding to Feeders Supply. Please contact

            E.P. "Tom" Sawyer State Park, Louisville Metro Parks, Oldham County Fiscal Court, 21st Century Parks and/or the Louisville Dog Run Association reserve the right to close the dog park at their discretion.


If you have any questions about these rules please contact us at

Louisville Dog Run Association
P.O. Box 221611
Louisville, Kentucky 40252

(502) 876-9416