Louisville Dog Run Association Newsletter
September 2021
Parks OPEN
All Louisville Dog Run Association parks are open. 
All park guests are strongly recommended to wear masks, practice social distancing, and follow the other CDC-recommended guidelines listed at https://govstatus.egov.com/kycovid19
2022 Memberships
LDRA memberships for 2022 are available for purchase at participating Feeders Supply locations. It is a good idea to call ahead to the location to make sure that they have plenty on hand. We are grateful for our partnership with Feeders Supply, which sells our memberships as a community service for you and for the LDRA. (100% of the fees are sent to the LDRA.) We are especially thankful this year, as we are no longer able to offer them by mail, due to recent changes in the tax laws for non-profit organizations.
Copies of our permit application are available in the stores, however, we strongly recommend that you print one ahead of time and make sure that you have all the required materials attached before you arrive at the store. Just type your information in the fillable pdf form and then print it (recommended), or print it first and fill it out by hand legibly. Application and Information
Before you join or renew your membership, it is very important that you review the Dog Park Rules, which are a condition of membership and use of the dog parks.

Cooper Chapel
We are happy to hear from all of you who expressed interest in our coming Cooper Chapel dog run. We have hit some roadblocks along the way, but we are moving forward. We will report specific updates when we have definite news. Let us know if you would like to help us get this new dog park open as soon as possible.
The Blues by Muddy Waters
We understand everyone's frustration with the muddy, swampy areas at some of our parks. It's a recurring issue for which we have tried various solutions over the years. Unfortunately, nothing is permanent. Some are sinkholes, which cannot just be filled in. We are also limited in what we are allowed to do, by the requirements of each park in which our dog runs are located. We plan to pump out water that is deep enough and then treat what is left with a pet-safe, environmentally-safe, plant-safe product, which is used in kennels, shelters, doggie daycares, etc. It kills everything from Giardia to Parvo to E. Coli, and much more. Now, if it would just quit raining and give us a break for more than a couple of days, we can do it. Again, we are all volunteers, most of whom have jobs, families, and personal schedules to work around.
Common Sense
We have repeatedly warned everyone about car break-ins. The saying goes that common sense cannot be taught. However, we do learn from experience. Each person must take some personal responsibility for their personal property and their own actions. A purse in plain sight is an invitation. Even hiding it or putting it in your trunk does not deter many thieves, especially when they see you hide it and then go inside the park. It takes a little more effort, but if they know it's in there, they will even break into your trunk. Just visit our Facebook pages for example. Leave your valuables at home or carry them with you inside the dog park. It may be inconvenient, but not nearly as inconvenient as reporting it, getting your car repaired, stopping purchases on your credit cards, getting them replaced, not to mention the loss.
LDRA Member Perks
Looking for an auto mechanic? Want someone who is honest and dependable? Who fits that description better than dog people? Our fellow dog park members at Golde Automotive offer a 10% discount when you show your current LDRA dog park tag. (That's the tag your dog wears. The fobs don't show enough to identify.) 
Golde Automotive does it all - ASE certified, domestic & import, auto body & collision repair. http://www.goldeautorepairlouisvilleky.com/
See you at the park! 
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